Hot stones massage is the best therapy for total relaxation and regeneration. This massage is performed using special massage strokes and warm lava stones in conjunction with aromatic oil. Combined heat, touch warm-up lava stones and fragrance LEJ law is the Queen of massage and the client becomes unforgettable. The beneficial effects of stones of solidified lava knew already 5000 years ago, ancient Chinese and Mayans. Massage by hot lava stones or precious stones stoking the body was also popular in ancient Incan, Mesopotamia, India. Lava rocks - basalts of volcanic origin - use rounded, with a smooth surface, in different sizes. I can heal us and transmit positive energy. Causes muscle relaxation, stress relief, insomnia, decreased menstrual pain. The heat release from the stones with treatment massage helps loosen muscles, improve metabolism, blood circulation, soothe the painful parts of the body, better relax muscle spasms, energize self-healing capabilities. In protracted lava stones are one starts to sweat, thus cleanses the body and get rid of harmful substances. After treatment, it is important to supplement the amount of fluid, and to increase its volume and another two or three days, especially clean water and tea.